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The ACIPS (Anticipatory and Consummatory Interpersonal Pleasure Scale; © Gooding & Pflum, 2011) is a brief, self-report measure of social and interpersonal reward, intended for both nonclinical (community, general) and clinical samples.

Intended Uses

The ACIPS was developed primarily for research use.  It is available for professional, scientific, and/or clinical use. Use of the measure on public websites and/or for commercial use may violate copyright legislation.

Full acknowledgment of the scale developers as the source of the material must be given when using the scale.  Questions regarding appropriate use and acknowledgment of the scale can be directed to the primary developer of the scale. 


There are three forms of the ACIPS:  one intended for adults (individuals aged 18 and older); one intended for adolescents  (ACIPS-A) aged 13 through 17.  A child version of the ACIPS (the ACIPS-C) is intended for youths aged 7 through 12).

Dr. Gooding is available to consult with researchers to determine which version(s) are most suitable, depending upon the research question, sample(s), and study design, etc.

TRANSLATIONS of the ACIPS available.

The ACIPS is being used in the United States as well as internationally.  It has been translated in consultation with the primary developer, who has worked carefully with a tireless cadre of international scholars and native speakers, followingguidelines to ensure the quality of back-translation as well ascross-cultural suitability.  

To date, the following translated versions of the (adult) ACIPS are available:  Chinese, Danish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portugese, and Spanish (European Spanish as well as American Spanish dialects). 

Please check with Dr. Gooding regarding the availability of the other versions.

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